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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find the best contractor for my renovation?

A. Choosing the right contractor is a personal decision that will vary by homeowner and by project. At Stone’s Remodeling, we understand the importance of a good working relationship with our team and our clients. We recommend you consider the following before you hire a contractor for your project:

  • Have a specific idea and plan for your home remodel.
  • Ask neighbors and friends who completed similar remodels and were pleased with the results.
  • Interview and get estimates from several contractors.
  • Consider professionals who have experience on the type of renovation you are planning.
  • Look at pictures and visit potential contractors’ completed projects whenever possible.
  • Consider full-service remodelers like Stone’s Remodeling to ensure you have experienced professionals on every aspect of your project.

Q. What is a full-service remodeler?

A. Unlike general contractors, full-service remodelers, such as Stone’s Remodeling, specialize in the details that are inherent in home remodeling projects. We work with tradespeople who are experts in the specific part of your remodel for which they are responsible. Full-service means you will always have a team and project manager dedicated to your renovation from start to finish.

Q. How much of the cost of my renovation is labor?

A. The cost of materials and labor can vary greatly based on the type of project you have planned and the expertise needed to complete your choices. Generally, labor will be 30% to 35% of the total cost of the project. At Stone’s, we will always present an upfront estimate and work closely with you if any adjustments are needed throughout the project.

Q. Why are home remodels so expensive?

A. Home remodeling doesn’t have to break your budget, but most homeowners agree that when they try to cut costs, they often regret it later. Being intentional on your budget and your remodeling plan can help you keep costs within your comfort level. It also is crucial to consider materials costs as you develop your design to avoid choosing, for example, a kitchen countertop that is above your budget when a less expensive material will be suitable. Above all, homeowners who have completed remodeling projects generally advise not cutting costs when hiring a contractor. Look for a top-rated remodeler who is right for your job.


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